Land for sale

Land for sale

Buying and selling of land has a lot of nuances. In order to properly make a deal, you need to make a list of the documents to carry out this operation carefully and familiarize yourself with its contents. As practice shows, one of the most common problems during the sale of land is the data in the data sheet, as is often the owners of some buildings being finished, while not registering them documented.

How to avoid these problems and what documents you need to collect for the purchase and sale of land, discussed below.

Documents for sale:

  • Passport. Be sure to check that all changes have been made in the passport - photos, change surnames, etc.
  • The document, which confirms that the seller is the owner of the land.
  • Technical passport of the house and land. If something was completed or to the house built on the site, and data on this data sheet, it is necessary to conduct a complete inventory of the house again.
  • Cadastral passport. This document is issued in the BTI based on data sheet.
  • Extract from USRR.
  • Extract from the house register. You can get it at the passport office.
  • Consent of the spouses (if the time of purchase of land owner was married).
  • Document from the guardianship of agreement of sale area (for minors).
  • Certificate of absence of tax debts. It can be obtained in the tax office.
  • Power of attorney. Is required if the owner is not present at the sale of the land, and it uchuvstvuyut his representative or agent.
  • Contract of sale.
  • If the sale of the house and land, you must have a notarized consent of the owner to sell the property.

The list of these documents and their photocopies must be in possession for sale of land.

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