Rules of construction on land

Rules of construction on land

Is it possible to build houses and cottages on agricultural lands? This question is raised by many who wish to purchase land and houses. Try to find out more information. Agricultural lands are considered to be areas that are below the (outside) of the site itself. These lands are used for agriculture: growing plants, vegetables and grains. Also on these lands can be arranged ponds, forests, shrubs, and much more.

To build on these plots is prohibited, as they are designed for agriculture. The possibility of building still exists, but it is necessary to change their status to "land settlements." This procedure requires a long period of time, the mass of documents, and in some cases it may be impracticable.

There is another option changing the status of land. There are four categories for the purpose of agricultural land:

  • Land designated for gardening;
  • Land for arable land;
  • Land for suburban areas for development (this category of permits to build in agricultural lands houses and cottages);
  • Land for small farms.

If you need to make changes to the purpose of your site, which is designed for a / c, please refer to surveyors, who, according to the Land Code, will be able to make changes and provide you with planning permission. Before the procedure, you will need to provide all the documents which should be prepared in advance.

To begin construction of the real estate until the respective permission is strictly prohibited, as the owner of this soil may have problems with the law, which would entail compulsory payment of substantial penalties.

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