Purchase and sale of flats or houses

Purchase and sale of flats or houses

Before placing a contract to buy or sell an apartment, be sure to take into account the fact that both the seller and buyer needs to collect all the documents for this transaction. Since the time of their design requires a lot of start of collection costs in advance.

It is important to know the full list of documents for the purchase or sale of real estate. This list may vary depending on the situations of the seller, a spouse, a minority owner and other aspects.

Documents required for the sale of the apartment:

  • Passport as a document confirming the identity of the seller. Also need to provide a photocopy of it (all pages).
  • Certificate, which confirms that the seller is the owner of the apartment.
  • Datasheet property.
  • Contract of sale. It is required in triplicate (the first buyer gets the second - the seller, the third should be left in the registration committee).
  • Check Corrective debt on State Duty.
  • Power of Attorney (for mediators and representatives of the owner).
  • Legally certified consent of one of the spouses. This document is required if the owner when buying a home married.
  • Divorce certificate (if the couple divorced).
  • The death certificate of spouse (if the spouse died).
  • Resolution of Trustees Committee (in the case of a minority owner).
  • Certificate from the tax, which will indicate that the seller does not have debts to pay taxes.
  • Documents for the purchase of housing (apartments):
  • Passport.
  • The buyer, who is married, must provide notarized consent of the other spouse.
  • Receipt of payment of arrears of public duty.

All the above documents must be carried in duplicate.

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