What is the real estate market?

What is the real estate market?

The real estate market - a system of relationships between legal entities and individuals, the purpose of which is the exchange of real property rights or the same funds. The real estate market plays a vital role for the economy, as it has a direct bearing on financial investments.

Real Estate in this case acts as a method of investing cash assets, which guarantees the preservation or increase capital. Thus, the investor receives a positive difference from your investments. These transactions require a special presentation of investment: it is necessary to clarify the exact size of the attachment period, and, of course, the degree of risk. It is important that investing in real estate are solely based on the market price - it must provide both the seller and the buyer.

Segments of the real estate market

To the real estate market segments include three categories:

  • market-oriented housing;
  • the market is focused on the ground;
  • the market is focused on the non-residential premises.

The housing market is specialized in buying and selling, renting dwellings - apartments, houses. Therefore flat in this case is the main target market segment. All transactions that take place between the buyer, seller and intermediary are residential real estate market.

Market on the ground can be attributed to suburban cottage areas for development, the houses and offer them land. In this case, all transactions that take place between the buyer and the seller of the property must be in accordance with the Housing Code of the country.

Market non-residential premises implies the same relationship, only the main target market are the office, retail, warehouse and industrial premises. Also in this segment includes the hotel complexes, hospitals and health centers.

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