What you need to know about rent?

What you need to know about rent?

In recent years, more and more people get hooked to scams. The largest percentage of fraud can be safely attributed to the lease of real property, when a person rents an apartment, pay the money and, when ready to be occupied, it turns out that the apartment already live. How to avoid such situations and learn how to rent an apartment without risk to yourself, consider the following.

Rental price below the market.

The main trap of swindlers has been and remains fairly low price for rental. Owners often insist tenants that there are still many who want to remove this housing. Thus, the tenant pays a substantial deposit for housing and trapped. Many scammers take payment for a couple of months in advance, and even for a year. In order to convince you of the reality of housing fraudsters are prepared in advance duplicate keys from an apartment that does not exist.

Small Agency (news agencies).

Very common scam by unscrupulous, small agencies. They offer you a list of addresses of apartments that best fit your needs. Of course, this information is necessary for the pre-pay a substantial sum of money. When it comes to apartments outgoing calls, subscribers or do not respond or do not exist at all. Contact the agency that provided the list is useless, since you have not signed or contract or tssloviyah contract with them is nowhere stated that the information you get from them must be true.

Prepayment for housing before viewing.

Surprisingly, it turned out to be a viable scheme moshennichesskaya when unscrupulous "agencies" are asked to make an advance payment for a house in the amount of 50% of the monthly cost to view the property, argument is that the photos you saw, price reduced, they are busy people, they have no time to ride with you and so on. In return, you get a prepaid keys and address or just the address. But when the tenant comes with keys locked apartment or live there other people. When you start to read the contract again proves that you no one should.

In order to avoid such situations when renting an apartment is better to look for housing on their own, or contact the proven real estate agency that can provide you with all the necessary documents on their desk. If you decide to find an apartment for yourself, then the best option would be searching through good friends, but there should be extremely cautious.

In any case, to avoid becoming a victim of fraud, it is worth watching the passport owner, and documents in the apartment. It is important to enter into a contract with the owner of the apartment, which must be prescribed duties of the parties. Money is best to give only a receipt.

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